WeAreHairy.com Update

WeAreHairy.com is a site focusing on girls with full bush. So many sites have virtually all the girls either completely shaved or just a small landing strip left, it is a nice diversion to be able to see some good looking girls that have full bush. Always nice to see the carpet.

We revisited this site to see if they were keeping up the good work and we are happy to say they most definitely are. The video resolutions are still a respectable 1290 X 720. Of course we would like true HD, but that may be down the road. The models are still varied in terms of age as well as how hairy they are. Some hairy pits bush, Others with full bush but shaved elsewhere.

The regular updates keep you coming back with 1-2 videos per day plus a couple of photo shoots per day. While we tend to focus on the videos, the photo shoots are really good. And as far as download speed, it is fantastic, you can really use your high speed broadband connection here..

So whether you are looking for a video site, or a photo site, WeAreHairy.com fulfills your needs.

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