U Got It Flaunt It

UGotItFlauntIt.com is a very unique web site. It if mostly topless which would normally turn many people off because they want to see it all. The key to their success and the viewers enjoyment is simply to ability to see the girl next door relaxing in a vacation paradise acting silly, sexy, and spontaneous. Most of the girls are from the UK, but there are girls from Russia, Ukraine, Australia, and many other parts of the world.

We first reviewed the site about 2 years ago and decided to go back and see what is new and how the site is progressing. We are pleased to say the the site is larger with more video’s (1280 HD), and a bit more organized than before. There is a search feature so you can search for different girls, locations or attributes (we searched for nude and got a few videos and photo shoots as our result).

Photos resolution has increased from the 1200 x 900 in 2010 to 2400 x 1800. The photos are great and in fact this is one site where after you watch the video you will be going back to look at the pictures.

Videos are generally 2-9 minutes with a few longer and some shorter. In the more recent videos the trend tends to be one video of the model(s) showing the modeling and splashing about, then a second shorter video with more personal information, where they are from, are they working or vacationing, etc.

With updates every 2-4 days there will always be more great looking girls to look at.

Overall I would say that UGotItFlauntIt has continued to grow with the times and is a surprisingly good beach babe site.

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