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ugotitflauntit.com is a relatively new site that appears to be working hard to attract new customers and provide new content. The theme of the site is to capture “the girl next door” at the beach and get them to do a modeling assignment on the beach. As they appear to be taken on European Beaches (possibly Mallorca) the girls have few issues with being topless. On the quality of the models I would give it a 4.5. It is high because pictures of “normal” girls that you could expect to find in your office, or at the market are a bit hard to find, and these girls definitely fit the bill and are the hotties you always desire. They can be from anywhere in the world as one model explained that she was on holiday from Australia.

Go to ugotitflauntit.com now!

They have both video and photos, with the video in 720HD.

On the downside this appears (at least so far) to be a topless only site. so if you are looking for something more revealing, it may not completely satisfy you. However even with that said the girls appear to be 18-25 and are the beauties you may see on the street and wish you could see a bit more. If you have ever had those wished then this site is for you. For being explicit they get a low ranking, but as for as being erotic it helps it a bit with a 3.5 rating.

Content is building and while it is currently not extensive, it is all good, and they appear to be regularly contributing new material. Content currently is about a 3.0 rating, but is growing, so we will update you later if the content continues to grow.

Here are some photo teasers

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