Sarah White modeling is a very interesting site from a number of aspects.

First it is not fully nude… BUT it is extremely erotic.

Second Sarah White has been called “Sigmund Freud’s Naked Grand-daughter” because she also offers online chat therapy. Now don’t expect your insurance to cover this therapy, but I’m sure it can be a very enjoyable experience. We have not seen these therapy sessions, but the reviews and comments from those that have indicate that is is well worth while.

On Sarah White Modeling site, she dons a number of different outfits and she lets you know where her garments are coming from. Many of her bra and panty sets come from Victoria’s Secret and so it brings a bit of realism knowing that here is a beautiful real girl modeling the stuff you see the Victoria Secret models in. Sarah is kind of like the gorgeous girl next door that love to tease, coming out to ask for help dresses in some very provocative outfits.

One thing she does well is leave you wanting more. While in some scenes she may be totally naked, she will always have her breasts covered with her hands and no spread leg/ pussy shots here. Some say that the mid is the most erotic organ in the body, Sarah tends to prove that by having your mind imagine how she would be with you when she it alone with you… like she is during her sessions.

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