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History of Playboy on the Web

Playboy and was one of the first well know soft porn sites on the web. It is interesting to see how Playboy’s sites have evolved. Just as the magazine went from breast only to full frontal, the web sites have also gone more revealing with the passage of time. This will look at a little of the history of the different web sites.

The first was Playboy Cyber Club starting in 1995 which features online chats, additional pictorials, videos of Playmates and added Playboy Cyber Girls. This version of Playboy on the web was very much like the magazine and while it showed full nudity, there were no spread legs so it did not get too revealing.
Playboy Cyber Club closed on October 18, 2014. Some of the site’s content was transferred to the Playboy Plus premium site, but some features were never moved.

During the years of Cyber Club some areas/ series were getting more explicit, specifically the section called SEX (Special Edition Extreme) with only photos, but the photos were more explicit, showing more spread legs. The other was the All American Girl series of movies that were a bit more revealing.

Playboy Girls was a side site that features non-playmates, but were the broken into categories such as Women of Playboy, Playboy’s Student Bodies, Playboy’s All Naturals, Playboy’s Fresh Faces. This was the first area in “Playboy” to start showing more Labia and Spread legs. It gradually disappeared, but some/ most of its content has been merged into Playboy Plus, but Playboy Plus appears to be trying to charge more to get full access to those archives.

Manwin Enterprises became Operating Partner in 2011 and later a sale to what has become Mindgeeks. In 2014 Playboy bought back rights to, but MindGeeks still retained control of Playboy TV and Playboy Plus, and Mindgeek still owns the Spice TV channels. Manwin was the driving force for Playboy on the web to become more explicit.

Playboy TV, An area that has a mix of “TV Shows/ Series” and some Playmate videos. It is really trying to find its niche as it does show explicit sex scenes, but no guys cumming. Some of the “features are edited down from material that is also on BABES.COM (Also owned by MindGeeks).

Playboy Now.

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