Playboy Girls Sites

Playboy Girls Sites

UPDATE June 2013

Playboy has sold their internet web sites to another group, however we are happy to say we see a vast improvement in the quality of these sites.

We will be placing new reviews on the site shortly.


Note: Playboy has rolled all of their old sites into the Playboy Plus. The Playboy Girls sites exist there (with everything else). If that’s not bad enough, playboy actually sold their web sites to a third party who9 is running them now.

Playboy Girls sites are a bit more revealing than the Playboy CyberClub. There are 6 categories of girls, All Naturals, Student Bodies, Fresh Faces, Busty Babes, Sexy Wives, and Women of Playboy. This group of 6 sites is actually taking over for one of the other playboy sites as they consolidate some of the duplication that had existed.

You can get access to all 6 sites for just $8.20 a month when you sign up for a years membership.

We are very happy to be promoting these sites as Playboy has seen the light and is not photographing the girls in true high def video (1080p) and the panning is now slowed down so you can see all the good parts.

We are please to be able to show you a few out takes of recent videos so you can see for yourself how great the new stuff is.