Nude Sport Video

Nude Sport Video

This is an update of a review we did earlier of Nude Sport Video. It is a niche site that provides content on girls going exercises and workouts in the nude. If you enjoy watching natural women and girls doing exercise workouts in the Nude, then this is for you. Typically the girls will start clothed, but it does not take long for the workout uniforms to be taken off.

We like the fact that the girls are “real” girls, the type that may live next door, or down the street. Most of the girls are 18-30, with the majority being 18-24. Like the “normal” population some girls have very small A cup tits, while others are “D” / “E” sized cups that can provide nice hanger views. Most of the girls will be doing jumping jacks or jumping rope so you get to see them in their finest. Most of the girls will do other exercises such as leg lifts or other activities during the video. In most cases you will get some real nice spread leg shots when they do the leg lifts. The majority of the videos are of the true “Exercise” category, but also included are videos of girls exercising their pussy, or even a few hard core. The site also contains several videos from on of their other sites (they have a number of niche sites, see listing below),

As listed on the site:

It is about beautiful naked girls doing nude exercises – include nude gymnastics, nude aerobics, nude yoga, nude fitness, nude dancing, nude sports, naked workout, nude training and so on. There are as amateur girls doing morning exercises or dancing as also professional flexible nude gymnasts and sportswomen.
Each video is from 20 to 60 minutes long, new videos mostly come in HD-quality.
Watch their charming bodies twist, exposing the sweetest curves on their breathtaking bodies, all shot exclusively for you with the hottest gymnasts and amateurs ever. Sweaty bodies, jumping tits, tight butts… the air itself is filled with female sexuality.

What is new? Well the content continues to increase and the quality continues to improve. They have added a few new videos of models that are primarily exercising they pussy wither using a dildo or in some cases boy-girl hardcore.

Here are some links that will give you a better idea of what is covered:

Morning Exercise   

Nude Sport Video










Outdoor Exercise


Exercise Leg Lifts









Hot and Sweaty

Leg Lift

Exercise, Leg Lift










Sweaty sporty girls doing nude exercises.

Download long nude sport videos.

Watch hot flexible teens doing stretching exercises.

Nude fitness, nude yoga, nude gymnastics, nude aerobics… Download nude sport videos now – click here!

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Tight butts, sweaty jumping tits, the air itself is filled with female sexuality. Enjoy our top quality videos and you will need nothing else!

Nothing stirs the blood more than a girl doing her gymnastics.
We know you always dreamt about seeing those sporty girls doing their workout naked.
Here your dreams come true! Our girls are sweet, sexy and sporty, they never mind a set or two of proper exercise.

They’re so damn intense and tempting in their powerful yet very feminine movements you won’t know when to squirt!
Watch their charming bodies twist, exposing the sweetest curves on their breathtaking bodies, all shot exclusively for you with the hottest
gymnasts and amateurs ever. Look, they even do the splits naked, and their rosebuds spread so wide!

Joymii - The art of porn

Joymii – The art of porn

Click on the image to see a 60 second trailer to see for yourself how great this site is. - Picture of the Day

There’s a distinction in the world of online erotica between “art” and “porn”. Art is supposedly appreciated by the higher senses, savored for its form and composition, its beautiful figures and elegant poses, and viewed from a critical distance. Porn is supposed to be relished by the lower senses, used for immediate gratification, and viewed as closely and uncritically as possible. And never the two shall meet. Until Joymii.

Click on the image to see some Boy-Girl action. After seeing this I am sure you will agree with me that this is a different kind of site. - FREE VIDEO

Joymii is everything that every other porn site is not. It’s filled with pure, perfect, beautiful erotic models. It’s photos and videos are of the highest artistic quality. And yet what those models are doing in those photos and videos can only be described as porn. Yet it’s a new kind of porn. What makes it different? Everything. But it all comes down to quality. Everything you’ll see inside Joymii is top quality, presented with the highest concern for tastefulness, sophistication, and elegance. The girls are super models. The pleasure is intimate and intense. The photography is flawless and inspired. But what’s so amazing is that, unlike on every other porn site, this quality actually makes the porn MORE arousing. Whatever you’re looking to get from pornography, you will get from the photos and videos on Joymii. But you’ll get more. You’ll get a new level of erotic experience that will quite simply blow your mind. What won’t you find in Joymii? Low quality screen captures, low resolution video, ugly models, poor photography, cheap dirty porn sets, disrespectful scenarios, and NO fake orgasms. In short, you won’t find what you find on every other porn site out there.

What will you find in Joymii? Girls that will make your heart stop their so stunning. Intimate sexual pleasure sessions that go all the way in all the right ways. Incredibly shot photos and videos that are larger and clearer and more beautiful than even your wildest dreams. In essence, you will find everything you desire.

Welcome to the art porn revolution. Welcome to Joymii.

The NEW Playboy Plus

The NEW Playboy Plus

Playboy’s web sites have been taken over by a different company (early 2012 I think) and initially it was confusing and not the best. What they have done now is to merge all of Playboy’s online content (Playboy Cyberclub + Playboy Girls sites) into one huge site. In effect you are now getting more content at the same or lower price.

The Playboy Girls sites were always a bit more explicit and that tends to still be true on the new site. The Playmates are more conservative with no open leg, but the Amateurs’ Co Eds, etc are now more revealing.

We have to say that the new owners are taking Playboy Plus to new heights and that it is worth subscribing to. You get all of the “Playmates” you remember, plus new content of equally beautify girls but in more explicit poses.

Updates are 5 days a week and there are video as well as photo sets updated virtually every day Monday through Friday.

With the huge archive library it is doubtful that anyone can browse it all in 30 days, so plan on signing up for 6-12 months.

WOWGirls the future of beautiful Porn

WOWGirls the future of beautiful Porn

Wow Girls launched in 2011 and since then it possess offered a new WOW scene of the best erotic content, girl-girl or unicamente beauty shoots.

All of their content is 100% exclusive with ultra-fast downloads of photographs and videos or perhaps you can stream the videos directly from the website. Wow Girls possess over 500 full HD videos in 1080p resolution. They also have pictures up to 6000 pixels wide in over 57 different niches. Nearly all of the girls are eighteen to nineteen. They happen to be hand picked beauties which you can connect with inside the member’s area.

The member’s region is easy to navigate showing all the latest upgrades first along together with the growing archive of past video and photo shoots. Wow girls cannot disappoint you! The finest of girls are all they have and you won’t discover them any place else!

This site is really the future face of Erotica on the web. The girls are beautiful, they do everything you would want them to.  There are Girl Girl scenes as well as Boy Girl, Vibrators, threesome and everything you may want.

Quality of the models and filming & photography is unsurpassed.

A truly great site we cannot say enough about.



Sarah White modeling is a very interesting site from a number of aspects.

First it is not fully nude… BUT it is extremely erotic.

Second Sarah White has been called “Sigmund Freud’s Naked Grand-daughter” because she also offers online chat therapy. Now don’t expect your insurance to cover this therapy, but I’m sure it can be a very enjoyable experience. We have not seen these therapy sessions, but the reviews and comments from those that have indicate that is is well worth while.

On Sarah White Modeling site, she dons a number of different outfits and she lets you know where her garments are coming from. Many of her bra and panty sets come from Victoria’s Secret and so it brings a bit of realism knowing that here is a beautiful real girl modeling the stuff you see the Victoria Secret models in. Sarah is kind of like the gorgeous girl next door that love to tease, coming out to ask for help dresses in some very provocative outfits.

One thing she does well is leave you wanting more. While in some scenes she may be totally naked, she will always have her breasts covered with her hands and no spread leg/ pussy shots here. Some say that the mid is the most erotic organ in the body, Sarah tends to prove that by having your mind imagine how she would be with you when she it alone with you… like she is during her sessions.

U Got It Flaunt It is a very unique web site. It if mostly topless which would normally turn many people off because they want to see it all. The key to their success and the viewers enjoyment is simply to ability to see the girl next door relaxing in a vacation paradise acting silly, sexy, and spontaneous. Most of the girls are from the UK, but there are girls from Russia, Ukraine, Australia, and many other parts of the world.

We first reviewed the site about 2 years ago and decided to go back and see what is new and how the site is progressing. We are pleased to say the the site is larger with more video’s (1280 HD), and a bit more organized than before. There is a search feature so you can search for different girls, locations or attributes (we searched for nude and got a few videos and photo shoots as our result).

Photos resolution has increased from the 1200 x 900 in 2010 to 2400 x 1800. The photos are great and in fact this is one site where after you watch the video you will be going back to look at the pictures.

Videos are generally 2-9 minutes with a few longer and some shorter. In the more recent videos the trend tends to be one video of the model(s) showing the modeling and splashing about, then a second shorter video with more personal information, where they are from, are they working or vacationing, etc.

With updates every 2-4 days there will always be more great looking girls to look at.

Overall I would say that UGotItFlauntIt has continued to grow with the times and is a surprisingly good beach babe site.



Every once in a while a new site pops up that really knocks our socks off. After a quick look at ™, we think that is such a site. It is brought to you by the team that has the mega site ™ so you know it has a solid support team behind it. It takes the ™ theme with young beautiful girls and takes it a bit further. It launches with a great collection of explicit erotic sex films that includes a smaller number of solo scenes and a much larger variety of bg, gg and bgg scenes. The one thing all of the scenes have in common is a hot, sensual realism that will draw viewers in to the moment. I hate to use the word hardcore, as it can bring up negative connotations of just plain sex scenes; these are not just plain sex scenes; they are explicit and erotic. They take the explicit scenes to a new level of beauty, sensuality, and feeling like the models are really connected.

As one of the comments posted by a member says:

This is the site for me. Beautiful models, natural sex. No fake boobs, gross tats, heels in bed, etc. Best of all, plenty of doggie and extravagant coming over girl’s asses.

It offers a great variety of types of girls as well as scenes. Some of the girls are shaved bare, others have landing strips, Some have big natural boob while others are small “A/B” cups. When it is boy/girl action there are scenes with the typical cum on me shots & facials, but some video also show the guy cumming inside and then the girl letting it drip out; a very erotic change for the better in our opinion. With lots of close ups from different angles there is not much negative to say about the video’s.

Now some details. the site has frequent updates (about every 2-3 days). In September 18 new videos were posted, a very respectable update rate considering the high quality. The video are available if different resolutions (from small mobile friendly files to huge 1080p HD) and we can say the 1920 x 1080 HD are fantastic. The video’s are typically 15-30 minutes and the action keeps your attention. The HD videos range from 500Mb to nearly 2Gb so you can exercise that high speed internet have. Download speeds are great, with most videos coming down in 3-4 minutes (we have a 50Mbps connection).

There are also photo download on the site, with 3 download options, with the highest resolution of 21 Megapixel.

Cost is $19.94 for 30 days recurring or 29.94 for 30 days non-recurring or $109.94 for a whole year of enjoyment.

PlayboyGirls sites

PlayboyGirls sites no longer updating

NOTE: See Updates as they have been taken over as Playboy PLUS

We are sorry to report that the PlayboyGirls sites are no longer updating. This grouping of 6 sites as a bit more edgy (more revealing) than the standard Playboy Cyber Club. We are sorry to see it go as we had liked the Playboy Girls sites a bit more than than the standard Playboy site. It stopped updating in February of 2012. It may have to do with the re-do of the Playboy CyberClub  into Playboy Plus.

Just a quick update. The content from the old “PlayboyGirls” Sites has mostly been migrated to PlayboyPlua. If you go to it will now redirect you to the PlayboyPlus web site.

One negative is that it does not appear that all of it is available to “regular” PlayboyPlus subscribers. It appears you have to get an additional subscription to get ALL of the content. Update is a site focusing on girls with full bush. So many sites have virtually all the girls either completely shaved or just a small landing strip left, it is a nice diversion to be able to see some good looking girls that have full bush. Always nice to see the carpet.

We revisited this site to see if they were keeping up the good work and we are happy to say they most definitely are. The video resolutions are still a respectable 1290 X 720. Of course we would like true HD, but that may be down the road. The models are still varied in terms of age as well as how hairy they are. Some hairy pits bush, Others with full bush but shaved elsewhere.

The regular updates keep you coming back with 1-2 videos per day plus a couple of photo shoots per day. While we tend to focus on the videos, the photo shoots are really good. And as far as download speed, it is fantastic, you can really use your high speed broadband connection here..

So whether you are looking for a video site, or a photo site, fulfills your needs.

TheLifeErotic (TLE)

TheLifeErotic has the tagline of Masturbation Art and that tells you about the content, but it does not completely convey the beauty of the models on the site. The Life Erotic is a site focused on showing beautiful young girls masturbating. There both videos as well as pictures. The pictures are mostly available in 3 resolutions with the highest being 2000 X 3000, so you won’t lose any detail with that. The videos are available for streaming online, or you can download the hi resolution 1080p in mp4 format.

The Life Erotic

The Life Erotic new look


The site is easy to navigate, sharing the design and web features of MetArt and MetModels now known as Erotic Beauty