Every once in a while a new site pops up that really knocks our socks off. After a quick look at ™, we think that is such a site. It is brought to you by the team that has the mega site ™ so you know it has a solid support team behind it. It takes the ™ theme with young beautiful girls and takes it a bit further. It launches with a great collection of explicit erotic sex films that includes a smaller number of solo scenes and a much larger variety of bg, gg and bgg scenes. The one thing all of the scenes have in common is a hot, sensual realism that will draw viewers in to the moment. I hate to use the word hardcore, as it can bring up negative connotations of just plain sex scenes; these are not just plain sex scenes; they are explicit and erotic. They take the explicit scenes to a new level of beauty, sensuality, and feeling like the models are really connected.

As one of the comments posted by a member says:

This is the site for me. Beautiful models, natural sex. No fake boobs, gross tats, heels in bed, etc. Best of all, plenty of doggie and extravagant coming over girl’s asses.

It offers a great variety of types of girls as well as scenes. Some of the girls are shaved bare, others have landing strips, Some have big natural boob while others are small “A/B” cups. When it is boy/girl action there are scenes with the typical cum on me shots & facials, but some video also show the guy cumming inside and then the girl letting it drip out; a very erotic change for the better in our opinion. With lots of close ups from different angles there is not much negative to say about the video’s.

Now some details. the site has frequent updates (about every 2-3 days). In September 18 new videos were posted, a very respectable update rate considering the high quality. The video are available if different resolutions (from small mobile friendly files to huge 1080p HD) and we can say the 1920 x 1080 HD are fantastic. The video’s are typically 15-30 minutes and the action keeps your attention. The HD videos range from 500Mb to nearly 2Gb so you can exercise that high speed internet have. Download speeds are great, with most videos coming down in 3-4 minutes (we have a 50Mbps connection).

There are also photo download on the site, with 3 download options, with the highest resolution of 21 Megapixel.

Cost is $19.94 for 30 days recurring or 29.94 for 30 days non-recurring or $109.94 for a whole year of enjoyment.

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