The NEW Playboy Plus

The NEW Playboy Plus

Playboy’s web sites have been taken over by a different company (early 2012 I think) and initially it was confusing and not the best. What they have done now is to merge all of Playboy’s online content (Playboy Cyberclub + Playboy Girls sites) into one huge site. In effect you are now getting more content at the same or lower price.

The Playboy Girls sites were always a bit more explicit and that tends to still be true on the new site. The Playmates are more conservative with no open leg, but the Amateurs’ Co Eds, etc are now more revealing.

We have to say that the new owners are taking Playboy Plus to new heights and that it is worth subscribing to. You get all of the “Playmates” you remember, plus new content of equally beautify girls but in more explicit poses.

Updates are 5 days a week and there are video as well as photo sets updated virtually every day Monday through Friday.

With the huge archive library it is doubtful that anyone can browse it all in 30 days, so plan on signing up for 6-12 months.

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