Joymii vs WOW Girls

Joymii vs WOW Girls

There are more and more sites featuring beautiful women showing more and more. These two sites take thing to the limit where they will show everything up to hardcore, but in a very tasteful (non-porn) view. The scenes appear to be between people that genuinely love each other and have a bit more emotion attached to them than the tradition Porn film.


Joymii has over 370 videos plus an equal number of photo sets for each of the videos. It appears that the site was originally to be mostly girl solos or ¬†girl girl, but that has changed with about 50% of the new videos being boy girl, or even a few threesomes. The girls range in all types from skinny “A” cup up to voluptuous “DD”. They range from completely shaven to nicely trimmed landing strips to a few with fairly full, but still trimmed pubic hair. The only real complaint is that in some of the solo girl then to cover too much of their privates during masturbation that you don’t really get to see as much as you might like to. - Picture of the Day

WOW Girls

WOW girls started in 2011 and has been growing fast ever since, with over 350 videos now available. Their videos are very high quality with resolutions of 1920 X 1080 and with bit rates ranging from 5-32K. This makes for some very large files, but if you are ready for files typically 1-2Gb then this may be for you. The girls are gorgeous (think playboy quality) that show and do everything you could want.

When comparing the two sites we look at several aspects:

Updates: Joymii updates about three times per week. WowGirls updates virtually every day. Winner for updates is WOWGirls

Quality: Joymii has 1920 X 1080, and so does WOWGirls, but WOWGirls has a slight edge in bitrate and length of the videos so we give the edge to WOWGirls.

Girls/ Scenes: Joymii started as mostly Solo or Girl-Girls but has moved to the boy-girl hardcore mode. WOWGirls appears to have always had a mix. Depends on what you are looking for for. Both show the guys cumming on the girls, or in them, as well as blow jobs, masterbation and girl-girl. Overall a Tie in the Girls / Scenes.

The overall winner in our opinion would be WOWGirls, but in a very close race.


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