Review of a Girl Masturbation website is a new site featuring girls masturbating. FAP is a slang word for masturbation so simply this site is all about Girls Masturbating. This is a new site from and ever expanding group of boutique sites.

First the site is very new and we are happy to be one of the first to review it.  The girls featured are all “girl next door” types with none of the heavy silicon breasts featured on some other sites.  David, the creator has done an excellent job of finding “real” girls that you would expect to find living down the street. Our only criticism is that some have too many tattoos and piercings for out tastes.. but even then the girls are HOT.

Davids Photography/ Films tend to have more color saturation than many and it is somewhat his method of shooting. The overall quality is Excellent with resolutions up to 4K. Films run 10-25 minutes with most high resolution downlo9ads being in the range of 1-5Gb. Just another reason to upgrade your internet connection.

Currently there are about 70 videos but being a new site we expect that to be increasing.























Some more specifics on the models and what you get in the videos. As said above, the girls are natural girl next door types. Breasts are all sized from small to large, just as you would expect in a random sample of real girls. The videos start with them dressed, but it does not take long for them to strip down to nothing. Then you will see them masturbating with hands or dildos. One great thing that these videos have that a lot of girl masturbation videos do not is to show you their pussy. Too many girl masturbation sites show the girls masturbating, but when they use their had (or dildo) it is like they are hiding the good stuff.

David knows what we what and you get to see it all.


And its only $20 for 30 days..


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