FEMJOY - Samples

Femjoy Samples

We have to say FEMJOY is one of our favorite sites. What we like is the variety of “real” young women. There is a variety that is second to none. If you want Playboy beauty but more revealing try FEMJOY. I used to subscribe to Playboy, but for me I got tired of the fast pans, quick cover ups so you never get to see what you are hoping for. Playboy should take a look at FEMJOY and do a bit more like they are.


We like FEMJOY so much that we have several pages of galleries with samples of different types of women. Take you pick and you will see what we mean:

Videos: (note the members videos are much higher resolutions.

Adelia has a Full Bush, medium/large breasts, inner lips showing (Video)

Daniela Small Breasted, fully shaven, Slit Clit (not inner labia showing) (Video)

3 Girls (Video)


Jenny; Large Breasts (but real), Full flowered (inner labia showing)

Claire, small breasted, beach fuzz, small inner lips

If you do not see what you are looking for let us know and we will find it for you.