Erotic Destinations

This is a “sister” site to European Glamour Girls (EGG). It has the same type of beautiful girls as EGG, except they are taken on location to exotic destinations where some beautiful scenery provides the background for the models.

The goal is to bring you the most exclusive photos and videos you have ever seen! It looks amazing, when the girls cool off in a river against the backdrop of a decorative cascade or explore a village abandoned decades ago, naked in the sizzling heat.

This website is updated two times a week and comes along with extensive and free behind-the-scenes information!

Erotic Destinations

While the videos are good quality and tend to have themes, they are not as explicit as the EGG. If you want the spread legs and closeups, go for the European Glamour Girls. For beautiful girls in beautiful settings go for Erotic Destinations.

Better yet, when you sign up you can get a great price by joining both sites for $25.

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