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PLAYBOY’s JADE ELIZABETH from the Bachelor is a good example of the transition PlayboyPlus made from “typical Playboy” with no spread legs to spreading legs more and more. Here are a couple photos and a few outtakes from one of the movies of her (there are 2 on the site).

jade elizabeth jade elizabeth 




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History of Playboy on the Web

Playboy and was one of the first well know soft porn sites on the web. It is interesting to see how Playboy’s sites have evolved. Just as the magazine went from breast only to full frontal, the web sites have also gone more revealing with the passage of time. This will look at a little of the history of the different web sites.

The first was Playboy Cyber Club starting in 1995 which features online chats, additional pictorials, videos of Playmates and added Playboy Cyber Girls. This version of Playboy on the web was very much like the magazine and while it showed full nudity, there were no spread legs so it did not get too revealing.
Playboy Cyber Club closed on October 18, 2014. Some of the site’s content was transferred to the Playboy Plus premium site, but some features were never moved.

During the years of Cyber Club some areas/ series were getting more explicit, specifically the section called SEX (Special Edition Extreme) with only photos, but the photos were more explicit, showing more spread legs. The other was the All American Girl series of movies that were a bit more revealing.

Playboy Girls was a side site that features non-playmates, but were the broken into categories such as Women of Playboy, Playboy’s Student Bodies, Playboy’s All Naturals, Playboy’s Fresh Faces. This was the first area in “Playboy” to start showing more Labia and Spread legs. It gradually disappeared, but some/ most of its content has been merged into Playboy Plus, but Playboy Plus appears to be trying to charge more to get full access to those archives.

Manwin Enterprises became Operating Partner in 2011 and later a sale to what has become Mindgeeks. In 2014 Playboy bought back rights to, but MindGeeks still retained control of Playboy TV and Playboy Plus, and Mindgeek still owns the Spice TV channels. Manwin was the driving force for Playboy on the web to become more explicit.

Playboy TV, An area that has a mix of “TV Shows/ Series” and some Playmate videos. It is really trying to find its niche as it does show explicit sex scenes, but no guys cumming. Some of the “features are edited down from material that is also on BABES.COM (Also owned by MindGeeks).

Playboy Now.

History of what you see in print

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Candid-Beach is a site featuring topless/ nude beach scenes. is a new site featuring girls masturbating. FAP is a slang word for masturbation so simply this site is all about Girls Masturbating. This is a new site from and ever expanding group of boutique sites.

First the site is very new and we are happy to be one of the first to review it.  The girls featured are all “girl next door” types with none of the heavy silicon breasts featured on some other sites.  David, the creator has done an excellent job of finding “real” girls that you would expect to find living down the street. Our only criticism is that some have too many tattoos and piercings for out tastes.. but even then the girls are HOT.

Davids Photography/ Films tend to have more color saturation than many and it is somewhat his method of shooting. The overall quality is Excellent with resolutions up to 4K. Films run 10-25 minutes with most high resolution downlo9ads being in the range of 1-5Gb. Just another reason to upgrade your internet connection.

Currently there are about 70 videos but being a new site we expect that to be increasing.























Some more specifics on the models and what you get in the videos. As said above, the girls are natural girl next door types. Breasts are all sized from small to large, just as you would expect in a random sample of real girls. The videos start with them dressed, but it does not take long for them to strip down to nothing. Then you will see them masturbating with hands or dildos. One great thing that these videos have that a lot of girl masturbation videos do not is to show you their pussy. Too many girl masturbation sites show the girls masturbating, but when they use their had (or dildo) it is like they are hiding the good stuff.

David knows what we what and you get to see it all.


And its only $20 for 30 days..


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PlayboyPlus Site Review Update

PlayboyPlus Site Review Update; It has been some time since we last updated our review of the PlayboyPlus site. As we have mentioned before we do not believe that it is currently run by the Playboy Enterprises. We think it is licensed. Whoever is running it is now doing a great job on the content.

It appears that you get all of the old Playboy Cyber Club content, plus a good amount from the Playboy Girls sites (Coeds, Wives, Amateur, Naturals, Fresh Faces and Busty Babes). Note: Some of the Old Playboy Girls site content still requires an additional subscription. You should note that the link to PlayboyGirls now goes directly to

The good news is that most of the videos are now more revealing than ever, with most of the old Girls sites (Coeds, Wives, Amateur, Naturals, Fresh Faces and Busty Babes)  spreading their legs and you get quite a view of the goodies.




CzechCasting is a new site that we stumbled upon that looked interesting so we decide to take a closer look.

It is actually becoming a MegaSite with a number of other sites included. We started looking at it for the CzechCasting site, but when you join you get another 27 additional sites ranging from Czech Parties (orgies), Massage, amateur (amateur couples), First timers (Supposedly first time hardcore), Taxi.. and on and on.

For the number of sites and the quantity of Videos we rank the site as a good value at $29.95/mo.

Joymii vs WOW Girls

Joymii vs WOW Girls

There are more and more sites featuring beautiful women showing more and more. These two sites take thing to the limit where they will show everything up to hardcore, but in a very tasteful (non-porn) view. The scenes appear to be between people that genuinely love each other and have a bit more emotion attached to them than the tradition Porn film.


Joymii has over 370 videos plus an equal number of photo sets for each of the videos. It appears that the site was originally to be mostly girl solos or  girl girl, but that has changed with about 50% of the new videos being boy girl, or even a few threesomes. The girls range in all types from skinny “A” cup up to voluptuous “DD”. They range from completely shaven to nicely trimmed landing strips to a few with fairly full, but still trimmed pubic hair. The only real complaint is that in some of the solo girl then to cover too much of their privates during masturbation that you don’t really get to see as much as you might like to. - Picture of the Day

WOW Girls

WOW girls started in 2011 and has been growing fast ever since, with over 350 videos now available. Their videos are very high quality with resolutions of 1920 X 1080 and with bit rates ranging from 5-32K. This makes for some very large files, but if you are ready for files typically 1-2Gb then this may be for you. The girls are gorgeous (think playboy quality) that show and do everything you could want.

When comparing the two sites we look at several aspects:

Updates: Joymii updates about three times per week. WowGirls updates virtually every day. Winner for updates is WOWGirls

Quality: Joymii has 1920 X 1080, and so does WOWGirls, but WOWGirls has a slight edge in bitrate and length of the videos so we give the edge to WOWGirls.

Girls/ Scenes: Joymii started as mostly Solo or Girl-Girls but has moved to the boy-girl hardcore mode. WOWGirls appears to have always had a mix. Depends on what you are looking for for. Both show the guys cumming on the girls, or in them, as well as blow jobs, masterbation and girl-girl. Overall a Tie in the Girls / Scenes.

The overall winner in our opinion would be WOWGirls, but in a very close race.





Babes-com is a new site that is growing and is leading the trend for high quality (HD) video of beautiful women going more explicit.

These are Playboy quality models doing either solo, Girl-Girl or Boy – Girl sex scenes. If you always wanted to see Playboy style models more explicit, this is it. In browsing the content we were surprised to see that some of the models here also appear on Playboy TV in the Digital Diaries series. The difference is that on Playboy TV there are no “Money Shots”. On Babes Network you see the whole thing from beginning to end.

Three genres, Solo with masturbation, Girl-Girl, and Boy-Girl. Boy Girl end with guy cumming on the model, or cream pie inside. This is some of the hottest stuff on the internet.

In the Boy Girl movies it is usually broken down into Girl and Boy start kissing; Boy takes off bra and panties and licks her pussy; girl gives boy blow job; boy enters girl from different positions till he finally blows his load. 80% are on her; 15% are in her and 5% are in her mouth.

Movies typically are 1920 X 1080 so you see all the details.  Movies are generally 15-20 minutes, but some are only 10 minutes or so. It is a great site that we thing you will enjoy.

Monthly Subscriptions are $29.95, or 3 Month at $19.98/mo

But.. we have a special relationship with Babes where you can get 1 month at $19.95







Naked Gym Girls

Naked Gym Girls is a site featuring fine looking young women exercising to say in shape. They are all in mighty fine shape so you know their exercises are working. Come into the exercise room to watch them exercise to stay fit, stretch to stay limber, and enjoy each others company. Naked Gym Girls give full body workouts so you get to see every part of their beautiful bodies get exercised.

The site is only $20/month and provides real value for this genre. Take a look at this promo clip:

Three hot babes are working out at their apartment gym. Once they realize no-one else is coming in, they decide to be daring and work out naked. Each of them has a great body and they like to keep it up by working the weight machine, the bicycle, the treadmill, and the body inverter. Your eyes will really not know where to look with so much sexiness all around. But wait, it gets better! MaryJane finds some toys in her backpack and the three girls…

Take a look at some stills


Sex Massage

   Sex Massage

The Sex Massage Movies site is a site that focuses on girls getting massages from guys that end up being “full” massages. These are full sex videos with cum shots and cream pies. Like the Nude Sport videos, this site focuses on the Sex Massage theme and most videos are of the same theme. Girls go in for a massage, guy leaves them to get undress, guy comes back and starts a massage. About 1/3 of the way through they are doing pussy massages and lead in most cases to blowjobs and/ or penetration. Some anal, but mostly pussy fucking.

 Oiled, massaged and fucked. These words describe briefly (and completely) everything that happens to young nude babes in the erotic rub parlors of Sex Massage Movies. In case it is enough for you to join this site, you can stop reading right now and join. In case you would like to learn more about nude oil massage movies and photos, available in its member area, here are a bit more words to satisfy your info hunger.

All of the movies are in HD Quality (780 X 1280) and are 20-30 minutes in length.








Only sexy beautiful 19 – 25 y. o. girls – playful and serious, innocent and slutty. Only perky young tits (tiny, medium and big) and shaved pussies. Only real emotions – visible relaxation during nude oil massage, astonishment and embarrassment during soft but unavoidable seduction and, of course, real orgasms.

As for rubbers, they are 1) amateur and professional, 2) self-restrained enough to don’t seduce their clients in the beginning and 3) able to bring the erotic massage babes to ecstasy so free and easy that you can learn some simplest and most effective tricks and use them next time with your girlfriend!


Half and fully naked oil massage. Of course, everything starts with soft and then passionate back and legs rubbing. But, as you guess, the more intimate places are included in the sensual massage, the more hardcore this rubbing becomes. Everything ends up with sex (oral, vaginal and even anal) and facial (tit or pussy) cumshots.

Besides hands and cocks, here are some toys, used for sex massage of female intimate and other bodyparts. Magic Wands, vibrators, sex toys and vacuum pumps are the special tools masseurs use for stimulation of some babes (too hard to relax cuties or too insatiable sluts) and for enhancing their orgasms.


– Exclusive nude oil massage movies, ~ 25 mins each

– HQ sex massage pictures, ~ 223 images in each gallery

– $29.95 for 1 month; $59.95 for 3 months


Searching for something more than just plain porn in-out? Sex Massage Movies not only entertains you with erotic rubbing, sex toy play, pussy vacuum pumping, Magic Wand masturbation and oiled fucking. You will also learn everything about popular mass techniques and seduction during the seemingly innocent sensual massage sessions. And the more nude oil massage movies you have watched, the more skilled in rubbing and seduction you become! Worth joining, right?